Samsung Frame TV + Deco TV Frame Review

Samsung Frame TV Review

Our Samsung Frame TV + Deco TV Frame is finally installed and I’m spilling the TEA… is it worth it or not? Well my friends… I’m giving you my full review and outlining my honest thoughts below!

Why Did You Purchase the Samsung Frame TV?
As you can see, our living space is very formal with a chandelier and all. It’s the center of our home and with our open floor plan, it’s seen from almost every room. When we first moved into this house three years ago, my husband decided he wanted a tv above the fireplace. After making hundreds of home decor decisions and being extremely overwhelmed trying to get our house to look like a home, I said “fine do it” and we stuck the tv up there. It just made sense from a functionality perspective and allowed us to watch tv from our kitchen and dining room. 

As time passed, the black TV box urked my interior design heart more and more each day.  I asked Shawn, family, friends, and even interior designers, “do you think the tv looks ok there?” and everyone agreed it looked “fine”, “that’s where the tv belongs”, “it makes sense for it to be there”. Regardless of everyone’s opinion, deep down it annoyed me! You never see a black TV box front and center of an interior design magazine for a reason! 

Are There Other Options to Hide a TV? Why the Samsung Frame TV? 
I researched and scoured google on “how to hide a TV”. I looked into redoing our bookshelves on each side of the fireplace to see if we could tuck the tv into one of those spaces and add cabinet doors to hide it = expensive, I looked into a custom tv cabinet to install above the fireplace = expensive, and I even looked into the fancy mirrors you can place over your tv = EXPENSIVE!!! Basically everything was out of our budget and expensive on another level! 

After exhausting all of our options, I heard about the Samsung Frame TV.  “Is it too good to be true?”. From a cost perspective, it was still expensive but a fraction of the cost of the other options I was previously looking into. I’m not even exaggerating… the other options were ridiculously expensive! And the Samsung Frame TV was the only option that made the most sense. We could still have a TV above the fireplace but when we weren’t watching tv, it would turn into art. 

Why Deco TV Frames?
The only thing holding me back from purchasing the Samsung Frame TV was I wasn’t thrilled with their frame options. Samsung only has one frame style that comes in four colors: black, beige, white, brown. On top of that, the tv comes with a black frame and the other colors have to be purchased separately.  I think if we had a smaller TV and a more modern space, the frame it comes with would be ok but with our very formal living space, we needed a frame a little more substantial and elegant. This is when I stumbled upon Deco TV Frames and knew immediately that their tv frames would make my interior design dream come true! They make frames specifically for the Samsung Frame TV and have plenty of beautiful options to choose from. For me, there was also a comfort in knowing that they make these tv frames all the time and understand what works and what doesn’t. They are experts and that’s what sold me!

What’s Your Frame Color & Size?
After receiving a few Deco TV Frame samples and looking at them in our room, we decided on ordering the “Warm Silver” frame which isn’t gold or silver, it’s a champagne color that blends really well with our current decor. For reference, we have the 65” tv and frame. If you’re interested in purchasing a Deco TV Frame or Samsung Frame TV, be sure to purchase it on Deco TV Frames and use code BRITT50 for $50 OFF!!! They are always keeping up with the best deals and have the lowest price guaranteed + free shipping. 

How Realistic Does the Samsung Frame TV Really Look?
The BIG question…How realistic does it look? In my opinion, it looks 80% real and at some angles it’s 95% real. A few factors that affect it from looking 100% real: 1) the tv glass glare 2) the digital glow and 3) the wall mount tilt.  Obviously the tv is glass and not a matte canvas so at certain angles there is an unavoidable glare. Additionally there is a digital glow that becomes more apparent at night. However the tv has a setting that allows you to adjust the brightness and temperature of the image which really helps it blend in well with your space. And lastly, the Samsung Frame TV comes with a wall mount that allows you to get your tv very close to the wall however we had to use a different wall mount that allowed us to tilt the tv downward more than the Samsung wall mount allowed. With this, our tv comes away from the wall a bit but not enough to personally bother me. 

What Type of Art Looks Most Realistic?
I suggest picking art that doesn’t have a ton of bright white space in it because white tends to make the digital glow more obvious than other prints with more color in them. Additionally, watercolors, paintings and sketches look more realistic than photography. Samsung also gives you the option to add a matte all around the print (between the print and frame) however I found it looks best without the matte.

Where Is the Citrus Print From?
I found the citrus print on etsy and will link it here. I saw this exact art piece at a well-known interior design retailer a few years ago for $1,000…. so glad I never purchased it because now I have the $5 digital version!

Can You Justify the Cost?
I’ll admit this wasn’t cheap but if I were to purchase a nice tv, a nice piece of art, and a nice frame, it would cost what we spent. A huge bonus is that the digital art is incredibly affordable. You can purchase art on Etsy for $2 – $5 which allows you to change up your art as much as you’d like! Samsung Frame TV also has an art subscription however, I’m fine with just sticking to the cheap etsy finds! I love them because you’re never tied down to one expensive art piece which is ideal for this indecisive girl!

Is it Husband Approved? 
Friends… Shawn thought I was crazy replacing our perfectly fine TV with the Samsung Frame TV. I know he was annoyed and rolling his eyes behind my back. But the day we installed it he said, “WOW it looks GOOD!!!”. So ladies, your husbands/significant others might not be on-board during the process. But I promise they’ll love it after it’s installed. 

Overall Thoughts?
I wish I would have installed the Samsung Frame TV sooner! It has truly transformed our room and the focus is no longer on the black tv box.  And the Deco TV Frame is like the cherry on top of a sundae! The living room finally looks complete!  

Where Should I Purchase the Samsung Frame TV + Deco TV Frame?
Again, if you’re interested in purchasing a Deco Frame or Samsung Frame TV, be sure to purchase it on Deco TV Frames and use code BRITT50 for $50 OFF!!! They are always keeping up with the best deals and have the lowest price guaranteed + free shipping. 

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