Meet Brittany

Hi Friends! Welcome to Five Foot Feminine! I’m so happy you’re here. I’ve started this blog to share my love for all things petite-sized, feminine, and girly!

Being 5’1 and a little curvy comes with its challenges when purchasing clothes. Most of the time clothing is too long, wide or narrow in the wrong places, and doesn’t come in a flattering size for my body type. After spending countless hours in the fitting room and ordering clothing online, I have acquired many tips, tricks, and retailers to shop!

My hope is that I can help other petite ladies find cute clothes that fit perfectly and my blog can be a place for you to find everyday style tips and sales!

To learn more about me and my journey of starting a blog, read my blog post here: Why I Started a Blog.

Petite Fashion Blogger FiveFootFeminine


Iowa born and raised with deep midwest roots | Arizona resident for 4 years | Wife to my high school sweetie | Cat Mama to Ollie the fluffy persian | Lover of all things Pink | Finance lady during the day | Extreme shopper at night.

I hope you enjoy!

♥ Brittany

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