Faux Lilac stems

Faux Lilac Stems

Fully embracing all the Easter pastels. This new kitchen decor has me in the most cheerful mood! 

As most of you already know, I love to decorate our kitchen island seasonally and for every holiday because it gives us a nice change of scenery (especially during this time of being stuck at home).

I let myself splurge on faux floral stems because they make a huge statement, last a lifetime, and are easy to store away during the off seasons. The rest of the decor is very minimal, affordable, and items Shawn and I will actually use and eat: seasonal candies, snacks, & candles. With these smaller items, I pay close attention to color. For example: I pick candies that are wrapped in a color that represents the season we are in (here I’m using reeses wrapped in pastel colors)

Linking everything I used below for those of you who would like to recreate this look in your home!

For reference, I’m using 10 lilac stems.

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