FiveFootFeminine Dining Room

Dining Room Transformation

Can you tell we are a little obsessed with blue and white over here?!

Oh Boy… to say this space has gone through a transformation is an understatement! Check out the before and after photos below!

When we moved into this home, adding wood paneling to at least one room was on my list of “design wants”. I’ve always admired homes that have it! It’s subtle yet so classic, timeless, and elegant.

Our dining room screamed it needed a little something and paneling seemed to be the perfect solution to really dress up the space!

Thankfully I connected with a local interior designer who had sourced a trusted carpenter to work his magic! We decided to simply apply molding directly to the drywall, thoroughly sand down all the walls to ensure a completely smooth surface, and apply Dunn Edwards “Crystal Haze” all over to complete the look. I would say, it turned out better than expected! So beautiful!!!

FYI – I was able to find this beautiful citrus wall art for over 75% off but unfortunately the retailer no longer sells it! So I’ve linked another vendor below that still has it in stock however beware… you may want to wait until it goes on sale. It’s a pretty penny!!! (I didn’t pay anywhere near this amount!)

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