FiveFootFeminine Patio Decor

Five Foot Feminine Patio Decor

Fake plants are the best plants my friends! This wall cabinet behind me is filled with artificial plants because they require no maintenance and always look good!

Believe it or not, I had several interior designers suggest I remove this wall cabinet. It was left behind from the previous homeowner who used it for outdoor dishware and looked a little random with nothing in it. After adding greenery, I love it! Sometimes thinking a little outside of the box is all that’s needed.

Sharing affordable ways you can achieve this look below. I was able to snag all these little plants from HomeGoods for under $20 but have sourced some you can order online.

A few things to note: Although these are artificial plants, they may not last forever. Depending on where they are located, sunlight and heat can fade or crack them.  I’m ok with this because they are cheap and I don’t have to trim, water, or fertilize them. Artificial plants also tend to get dusty, so a little rinse or dusting of them may be needed a few times a year.

Happy Shopping!

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