Guide to Long Healthy Hair

Guide to Long Healthy Hair

Hi Friends! I’m so excited to finally share my hair care routine with you! I think some of you will be surprised – it’s pretty simple and easy!

First I want to start off saying that I’m a true believer in doing what you think is best for you! Everyone has a different texture, color, length, etc. so I’m just sharing what has worked well for me. 

My Hair Type:
For reference, my hair is naturally wavy, considered “fine” in texture /feels fairly “thin” to touch, and a bit dry due to the AZ climate.

Wash Routine:
I know there’s a huge trend in women using dry shampoos to extend the days between washes and going days or even a week(s) without washing… trust me…I’ve done it. But an annual check-up at the dermatologist made me change this so called “hair tip” immediately! The Dr. took one look at my scalp and said “Is your scalp irritated?” This lead to a longer conversation about how the skin needs to be exfoliated and cleansed – duh! All the dry shampoos and oils that were laying on my head for days were doing more harm than help. Would you only wash your face once a week? Probably not! Just remember a healthy scalp = healthy hair. Washing hair every day might be excessive but gauge what works best for you! Yes – some women can go days skipping washes but just because it seems like everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should too! I’ve learned washing my hair every other day keeps my scalp healthy and clean while avoiding drying it out with too many washes & blow dries during the week.

Shampoo and Conditioner:
I’ve been washing my hair with this moisturizing Alterna Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner for 8 years! I truly believe it has contributed to the health of my hair.

Leave in Conditioner:
I put 3-4 pumps of this Moroccan Oil on the ends of my damp hair after every wash. Just like my shampoo and conditioner, I’ve been using this product for 8 years and really think it adds lots of moisture and provides protection against heat. 

Dry shampoo:
Since I wash my hair every other day, I use a dry shampoo on my non-wash days. I’ve been using this Tapioca Dry Shampoo for the past 6 months and really like it for my brunette hair. It doesn’t leave as much of a white residue as others I’ve used in the past. I apply a generous amount to the roots of my hair, let it set for a bit (as I get ready for the day), then blow dry the roots upward to add volume and really get it to set!

– For everyday use, I love this hairspray. It holds but is also easy to comb out while avoiding breakage: Elnett Strong Hold Hair Spray
– For special occasions, this is my holy grail! It holds a curl so well! And provides so much volume: Aveda Controlforce

I’ve tried 10+ wet brushes and this Flex Dry Paddle Brush is the best one ever! If you don’t have this one, you need it. It barely pulls any of my hair out and really helps avoid breakage.

Blow Dryer:
I invested in this T3 Blow Dryer two years ago. Since I wash my hair more than most, I wanted one that is considered a little better for your hair than a cheap target find. My hairstylist confirms this is a great brand!

Curling Irons:
Here are three curling iron sizes I use. All are affordable and work great! 
– For glam curls or beach waves that you want to hold all day: Conair 1”
– For an every day / lightly curled look: Conair 1.25”
– For a very lightly curled, lots of volume, blow-out look: Conair 1.5”

I get 1 inch cut off my hair every 10 – 12 weeks. I’m currently trying to grow my hair out to one length. Last year, I got long layers and I now realize since my hair is naturally “fine” in texture, it looks much thicker and healthier when it is all one length 🙂

Twice a year I’ll get a root touch up and low-lights in dark ash brown which creates a balayage look without adding highlights. This also covers grays and really adds a dark richness and shine to my hair with out coloring it all! 

(For reference, I naturally have dark brown hair. In the summer, natural highlights in a warmer tone pop out and lighten my hair a few shades.)

Addition tips that have really helped me grow long healthy hair:
I try to maintain a healthy amount of protein in my diet. I used to live off carbs and dairy. After my husband and I started to live together, he cooked a lot more meat. I immediately saw a change in my hair health and growth. 

Limit Heat Exposure:
On the days I don’t wash my hair, I normally toss it in a pony tail so I’m not tempted to use a curling iron on it.

Clip in Extensions:
When I had shoulder length hair and was really trying to grow it out, I would use clip in extensions or my halo hair extensions. This allowed me to only apply heat to the ends of my natural hair, while applying most the heat and styling to the extensions (my short hair easily blended in with the extensions and I didn’t have to apply as much heat to my natural hair)

Avoid Box Dye:
I stopped using box dye! I used to dye my hair the darkest brown I could every 3 months. It was so damaging to my hair! Avoid box dyes!

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